Double A- 7 step process

Our Expertise

Phase 1 – Pre-construction 

01. Initial Assessment 

  • Gather information required for the project. 

  • Organise the project timeline. 

  • Arrange and assess priorities to guide you through the project. 

  • Presentation of concept ideas. 

  • Tailor selection of fixtures and finishes for your project. 

  • Apply for finance if needed. Click here to learn more about our finance options. 

03. Estimating and Budgeting 

  • Build a feasible budget to suit your needs. 

  • Update costing based on selections and changes. 

  • Evaluate all fixtures, finishes and services. 

  • Review of project costs. 

02. Scheduling

  • Schedule the dates and times that work best for you. 

  • Create a timeline for every task and event in your construction project. 

  • Establish a plan for major tasks. 

  • Order all materials, fixtures and fittings on time. 

  • Order custom materials, fixtures and fittings. 

Phase 2 – Construction 

04. Safety and Subcontractor Management 

  • Ensure work health & safety plan is in place. 

  • Proper management of safety management plans and processes.  

  • Outline risks associated with the project and ensure the site is kept as safe as possible. 

  • Project risk matrix. 

  • Creating a traffic management plan for the construction project. 

  • Aligning safety systems. 

  • Integrating health and safety requirements into subcontractor procurement and management. 

  • Work closely with subcontractors to ensure workmanship is of the highest quality. 

  • Ensure appropriate insurances, certifications and licenses are in place. 

  • Ensure relevant systems and procedures are in place. 

05. Quality Control 

  • Build following plans and specifications.  

  • We work closely with our team of industry professionals to ensure that your project is of the highest quality and workmanship at all times. 

  • Maintain style while ensuring functionality and Tailor the project so that is unique to you. 

  • Manage unexpected or hidden issues. 

  • Manage and track any changes required. 

  • Inspect all work for quality assurance. 

  • Ensure the project is completed as promised with no problems or loose ends. 

Phase 3 –Post-construction 

06. Certificate of Occupancy and As-built documentation 

  • Obtain your certificate of occupancy. 

  • Certify that your new or existing home where new building work has been carried out and is ready to occupy. 

  • Certify your new home complies with regulations. 

  • Receive your As-built documentation. 

  • Understand and track all changes, modifications, and all corresponding adjustments made. 

  • Access the data on what was built. 

07. Warranty

  • Protect yourself by ensuring that all products, furniture, fixtures, and other project-related items are agreed upon. 

  • Warranties on the building and renovation work. 

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